lördag 7 mars 2015

Se Giliap (1975) film online HD

Giliap en Streaming complet HD

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Giliap Storyline :

In a minor town the morose manager is primarily responsible for the bad atmosphere of a restaurant. But central for the plot are three persons: a male waiter who is never named (here called W), the female waiter Anna, and "the count", a self-invented nickname by a man cleaning plates. The count is skilled in making others do what he wants. Half a dozen of the personnel assist in a poorly planned and failed attempt to liberate a man whom the police move from one arrest to another. The event involves stealing a motorcycle and threatening policemen with a gun. Anna strongly tries to make contact with W. Finally it turns out that she need his help to break her sexual relation to the count, a relation that from her part is not motivated by positive feelings. W rejects her attempts. And then Anna has suddenly gone. She has got a pleasant job in another town. And then W's feelings awaken.


Giliap Detaljer:

  • Genre : Crime, Drama

  • Utgivning : 1975-11-16

  • Speltid : 140 minutes

  • Vote : 2

  • Giliap Trailer :

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